Evolving and Adapting as a Global Learning Community

As educators, we are committed to the role of life-long learners, in order to best-equip our students to grow and enact change. With a rapidly evolving society and the ongoing pandemic, it is imperative that educators are able to navigate the use of technology in the classroom, as well as guiding students through learning how to balance academics with personal wellbeing.


For QCE 2022, we have pivoted the focus of this year’s conference on building connections and safe spaces in education through our theme: Evolving and Adapting as a Global Learning Community. In our conference, we will focus on the role of educators as much more than a facilitator of curriculum, but as role models who are able to foster a safe space to prepare students to reach their full potential. 


We have carefully curated workshop themes to assemble a cohesive conference that allows delegates to develop their skills and adapt to the current innovations and changes in the field of education. We are proud to present four workshop categories:  diversifying and decolonizing curriculum, health and wellness, connecting globally, and education through a different lens. Through these hands-on workshops, two keynote speakers, a panel discussion, and networking events, delegates will be immersed in meaningful discussions and the opportunity to broaden their perspectives over the course of the weekend.