The Concurrent Education Student Association acknowledges that Queen's University is situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory.


In the past, universal education has primarily focused on consistency and formality, but recent movements have encouraged educators to place greater emphasis on diversity, flexibility and personalization for their students within the classroom setting. Rather than a sole focus on curriculum and academics, the education system is encouraging the introduction of new techniques and strategies to foster a more vibrant, yet balanced learning environment. Students enter the classroom with a diverse range of stories and experiences; a myriad of learning styles, and though our main purpose is to help promote student success and passion, the heart of this reform begins with our ability as educators to reach our fullest potentials. The current understanding of the nature of intelligence and learning is much more fluid than previous generations, which not only allows us to broaden and expand our realm of teaching practices, but to also appreciate the endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.


This year, the theme of our conference is “Exploring Education Within and Beyond the Classroom.” We seek to motivate aspiring teachers to find paths of learning and development best suited to their interests as well as their students’. Moreover, it is also imperative for educators themselves to understand that education can take place within the classroom, yet there can be opportunities to grow in education beyond the classroom setting. This conference aims to provide delegates a taste of what it means to be an educator and acts as a first step in discovering an array of different teaching pedagogies.


We hope to focus on the following four workshop categories: how educators can teach students to learn beyond the standard classroom setting, understand how educators are lifelong learners, how educators can use modern teaching techniques to cultivate engagement, and ways in which educators can be inspired to embrace diversity to establish an inclusive environment. In addition to the workshops, there will be five panel categories that aims to cover a variety of educational streams or careers and this will be an opportunity for delegates to ask questions they may have pertaining to a particular stream of focus. We hope that through this conference and continuing educational studies, we as future teachers are able to illuminate and radiate our energy into the future generations of students.


On behalf of the QCE executive team, we hope you join us on this amazing journey!

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