The innovation of education: Celebrating QCE's 20th anniversary 

About the Theme

Innovation, the idea of changing and developing current systems for the betterment of society, is a term that has become more prevalent in the 21st century. With an evolving society, we continue to find new strategies to bring to education, allowing learners to reach their full potential. Education is not about meeting curriculum expectations, but rather moving the learning forward to prepare individuals for the challenges they may face and allow them to succeed in what they wish to pursue. Educators are required to continuously produce innovative ways to engage their learners through exploring advances in technology, relating teaching to current global issues, and integrating evolving norms into teaching.


This year, the theme of our conference is Innovation of Education: Celebrating QCE's 20th Anniversary. In this conference, we will explore the recent innovations of the education system to accommodate a changing society. Additionally, we will examine how we, as future educators, can improve our teaching practices in an engaging way for learners through seeking innovative solutions to bring to education.