Community Service

Community Impact

QCE is more than just a conference.  Every year, we aim to make a difference in the community through creating education opportunities for youth.  Keep reading to learn what we are doing this year!

Every year, the Queen’s Conference on Education chooses a charity organization to donate to that we feel aligns with our theme and values.  This year, QCE has chosen the Canadian Roots Exchange.  CRE is an organization that works to strengthen relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth across Canada.  They create opportunities for youth to come together as leaders to work towards reconciliation.  We have chosen to donate to CRE because we feel that they are doing a great job of amplifying Indigenous voices and of starting the important conversation surrounding reconciliation.  More information on the Canadian Roots exchange can be found here:

How you can help...

We have a goal of raising $500 for CRE this year and we need your help!  When purchasing your conference ticket you were offered the option of buying a ticket to enter our Charity Raffle Draw with all proceeds will be donated to CRE.  Prizes will be announced soon, but think books written by our speakers and lots of neat resources for your future classroom!