Panel Discussion​:

Creating Inclusive Classroom Spaces That Celebrate Diversity

About the Panel Topic

The panel discussion this year will be focusing on the prevalent topics of diversity and inclusion – specifically focusing on creating inclusive spaces for students who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. The format of a panel allows students to learn and engage in discussion lead by knowledgeable educators who can share their personal experience and strategies regarding this topic. We hope that this panel will be an open, safe space for future educators to ask questions in order to learn, unlearn, and grow.

Panelists (they will be split into three panels): 

Claire Ahn

Claire Ahn is an Assistant Professor of Multiliteracies in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University. Much of her research is framed around the following question: how is information shared across different platforms and how does this impact people’s understanding about particular issues, events or people? In other words, asking ourselves: how do we know what we know? She is particularly interested in the role and implications of visual media, which she explored as part of her dissertation research where she investigated the kinds of images used in environmental documentaries and whether viewers were motivated to act in more eco-conscious ways. Claire also explored how Hollywood teacher films impact teacher identities, and is currently a co-investigator on a study exploring youth’s understanding of social justice issues. Claire was also a high school English teacher for ten years in Alberta, and it is because of her experiences as a secondary educator that continue to motivate and inspire her research and connections to current teaching the BEd program at Queen’s.